Consumer Workshop III: The Perfect Storm: Working with Trustees and Navigating Complex Cases

This panel will delve into the roles of chapter 7 trustees and debtor’s counsel in complex cases, including (1) due diligence, planning and preparation for chapter 7 cases; (2) trustees' perspectives (when to start digging); (3) dealing with business ownership interests in individual cases; (4) risks to individual principals when entities file bankruptcy; and (5) getting paid in complex cases.

Price: $50.00
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75 mins
Deanna L. Westfall, Moderator Weinstein & Riley, P.S.; Broomfield, Colo. David M. Coo David M. Cook, PC; Salt Lake City Duane H. Gillman Durham Jones & Pinegar; Salt Lake City Hon. Joel T. Marker U.S. Bankruptcy Court (D. Utah); Salt Lake City Adelaide Maudsley People’s Intermountain Bank; Salt Lake City