Bankruptcy Time Travel: Can Debtors Obtain Nunc Pro Tunc Relief and Delay Post-Petition Rent Payments into the Future (Pending the Pandemic and Beyond)?

Presented by the Business Reorganization and Bankruptcy Litigation Committees
This panel will focus on two important issues that have arisen during the COVID-19 pandemic: The availability of nunc pro tunc orders in the wake of Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Juan, Puerto Rico v. Acevedo Feliciano, __ S. Ct. __, No. 18-921, 2020 WL 878715 (Feb. 24, 2020), and the battle between landlords and debtors across the country regarding the deferral of rent pending the pandemic and beyond the period authorized by the Bankruptcy Code.

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75 mins
Joshua A. Sussberg (Kirkland & Ellis LLP; New York), Hon. Michael A. Fagone (U.S. Bankruptcy Court (D. Me.); Bangor), Ivan Gold (Allen Matkins Leck Gamble Mallory & Natsis LLP; San Francisco), Jennifer M. McLemore (Williams Mullen; Richmond, Va.), Felice R. Yudkin (Cole Schotz P.C.; Hackensack, N.J.)