Arbitration for Cross-Border Insolvency

Panel presented by the International Committee of the American College of Bankruptcy

The panel will consider whether, if so, to what extent arbitration agreements could be used to resolve problems arising in the course of cross border insolvency proceedings. Hon Paul Heath QC and Dr. Stephan Madaus will discuss questions of arbitrability, use, and enforcement of awards in such cases; particularly under the New York Convention. Prof Troy McKenzie and Corrine Ball will focus more specifically on the use of arbitration in Chapter 15 proceedings.

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75 mins
Hon. Paul Heath QC, Moderator (Former Judge of the High Court of New Zealand; Auckland, New Zealand), Prof. Stephan Madaus (Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg; Halle, Germany), Prof. Troy A. McKenzie (New York University School of Law; New York, USA)