After the Love (and the Money) Is Gone: The Intersection Between Bankruptcy and Divorce

Presented by NABT
Divorce and family separation often serve as the impetus for consumer bankruptcies. This panel will address the intersection between bankruptcy and divorce. For example, the State in which a bankruptcy is filed and the timing of the bankruptcy relative to the filing of a divorce can determine which marital assets are property of the bankruptcy estate. Further, the timing of the final judgment of dissolution of marriage can impact whether assets awarded to the debtor in the divorce can be property of the bankruptcy estate. This panel will also address whether a marital settlement agreement can be set aside as a fraudulent transfer.

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75 mins
Hon. Jeffrey P. Norman- U.S. Bankruptcy Court (S.D. Tex.) | Houston Jason L. Pettie- Law Office of Jason L. Pettie, P.C. | Atlanta