Advanced Fraudulent Transfers: A Baker’s Dozen of Helpful Tips and Insights

We all deal with fraudulent transfers, but sometimes issues that don’t come up in routine fraudulent-transfer cases might get overlooked. Do insurance policies cover fraudulent-transfer claims? Can a group of fraudulent-transfer plaintiffs assert a class action against a defendant? In terms of an actual fraud fraudulent transfer, what if a defendant has a mixed intent, part of which is impermissible and part of which is permissible? When can a fraudulent-transfer defendant use the “identity of interest” and “common enterprise” defenses? How can unjust enrichment be used as an alternative to a fraudulent transfer? How do the events of the past three years impact valuations, solvency opinions and fairness opinions prepared during that time and today? This panel will provide answers to and perspectives on these questions and more.

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60 mins
Robert D. Mercer, Moderator Mercer Law, LLC | Atlanta Hon. Joseph N. Callaway U.S. Bankruptcy Court (E.D.N.C.) | Greenville Leanne Gould Gould Consulting Services | Atlanta Jeffrey W. Warren Bush Ross, PA | Tampa, Fla. David A. Wender Eversheds Sutherland (US) LLP | Atlanta