ABI Talks: Coronavirus, Public Perception, and Social Issues

Based on the TED Talks format, this year’s ABI Talks will focus on three discrete issues: (1) the coronavirus, namely the reaction of the market, what industries have been/are going to be hurt the most, and the potential short-term and long-term financial implications of the outbreak, including bringing otherwise-healthy industries into the bankruptcy discussion (such as airlines, oil companies, cruise lines, etc.); (2) the changing public perceptions of bankruptcy, looking at the way history has moved from imprisoning debtors to bankruptcy being such a commonly accepted tool to address debts that even the President has used it; and (3) social issues in bankruptcy, such as the #MeToo movement and the Catholic priest and Boy Scouts scandals.

Price: $125.00
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60 mins
G. David Dean Cole Schotz P.C.; Wilmington, Del. Kathryn L. Harrison Campbell & Levine, LLC; Pittsburgh Thomas M. Horan Fox Rothschild LLP; Wilmington, Del.