ABI-Live: Preparing for Distressed Market Conditions

Sponsored by SRS Acquiom

Rising U.S. interest rates, a tightening money supply, continued inflation and geopolitical uncertainty are all contributing to uncertain market conditions. How can lenders help protect borrowers and safeguard their portfolios? Join SRS Acquiom and ABI as this panel of experts shares their views on these events, as well as strategies for meeting the risk of loan defaults head-on. Hear more about market-drivers, strategies for debt-restructuring, and the long-term outlook for financing. This webinar will draw from a recently released SRS Acquiom study, Smarter Navigation: Loan Restructuring 2022, co-produced with Debtwire.

Price: $125.00
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60 mins
Mark Gendler, Moderator (SRS Acquiom; Miami), Renee Kuhl, Moderator (SRS Acquiom; Minneapolis), Rebwar Berzinji (Seaport Pericles; Miami), Harrison Denman (White & Case LLP; New York), Daniel Guyder (Allen & Overy LLP; New York)