ABI-Live: Lighthouse Resources: A Dive into the 2021 Asset Sale of the Year

Hosted by ABI's Asset Sales Committee

To kick off the nomination period for the ABI Asset Sales Committee’s 2022 Asset Sale of the Year Award, the recipients of last year’s award will discuss the sale of Lighthouse Resources’ real property assets in Wyoming. Hear how the Lighthouse management team and professionals structured the sale process to navigate a number of obstacles to sell the real property necessary to confirm a chapter 11 plan that provided for the reclamation of coal mines, as well as recoveries for secured and unsecured creditors.

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60 mins
Harold J. Bordwin |Keen-Summit Capital Partners LLC |New York Jane Kim | Keller Benvenutti Kim LLP | San Francisco Chacey R. Malhouitre | Jackson Kelly PLLC | Lexington, Ky.
Media: Video