ABI-Live: The Evolving Role of Chapter 7 and Subchapter V Bankruptcy Trustees During COVID and Beyond

Sponsored by the Consumer Bankruptcy Committee
ABI's Consumer Bankruptcy Committee is presenting this webinar, moderated by Committee Co-Chair Jon J. Lieberman of Sottile & Barile, Attorneys at Law, and featuring Hon. Allan C. Stout of the Western District of Kentucky, Chapter 7 Trustee Hannah W. Hutman of Hoover Penrod PLC, Chapter 7 Trustee Richard D. Nelson of Todd, Kite & Stanford LLC, and Keith J. Larson of Seiller Waterman, LLC. The panelists will discuss a range of issues surrounding the trustee program, including tips and strategies for both debtor and creditor attorneys in working with case trustees, the current state of chapter 7 trustee compensation and why compensation reform may be needed, and the impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on everything from 341 exams to the retention and recruitment of chapter 7 trustees. The panelists will also discuss the role of the trustee in subchapter V cases under the SBRA, including trustee compensation.

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60 mins
Hannah W. Hutman (Hoover Penrod PLC), Keith J. Larson (Seiller Waterman, LLC), Richard D. Nelson (Cohen, Todd, Kite, and Stanford), Hon. Alan C. Stout (U.S. Bankruptcy Court (W.D. Ky.))