ABI-Live: Evolution of Consumer Bankruptcy Practice in the COVID-19 Era

What trends for consumer bankruptcy practice have emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic? What will consumer practice look like going forward? Join a panel of four experienced bankruptcy counsel as they discuss safety, case law trends and practical actions to take going forward. Some of the topics the panel will discuss include:

Actions chapter 13 trustees are taking to hold down costs while continuing to assist debtors.
Debtor counsel updates on practices that have developed due to the pandemic, including suspension of plan payments.
Creditor counsel initiatives, including notices of forbearance and agreed orders, so debtors may stay in their homes.
Variables that have caused consumer filings to drop precipitously due to the pandemic and what filing trends will look like moving forward.

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75 mins
Margaret A. Burks, Moderator (Ch. 13 Trustee; Cincinnati, OH), John Crane (Robertson, Anschutz, Schneid & Crane LLC; Duluth, GA), Jenny L. Doling (J. Doling Law, PC; Palm Desert, CA), Charissa Potts (Freedom Law PC; Eastpointe, MI).
Media: Video
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