ABI-Live: The Effects of Stress and Remote Work on Mediation: Part Two

Hosted by the Mediation Committee

Mediators are akin to psychologists, using skills of diplomacy and psychology to attempt to bring divergent people to a consensus. At ABI's 2022 Annual Spring Meeting, Dr. Bruce Rabin discussed how nearly two years of remote work has taken a psychological toll on people. From the standpoint of legal practice in general and mediation in particular, this has impacted everything from how we do business and how we relate to legal adversaries to how both mediators and mediation parties interact with each other and make decisions. As a follow-up to Dr. Rabin’s presentation, this webinar will discuss further the impacts, pros and cons, of remote mediation, which has forced mediators to adapt their skills to an environment where the parties never get in the same room. What difficulties does remote mediation present? What observations have been made on how remote mediation has affected the decision-making process? Does remote mediation pose unique challenges to obtaining a settlement? What has been made easier using remote technologies? This webinar will also report on the results of a survey the Mediation Committee conducted regarding members' thoughts and comments about remote mediation, and whether it is here to stay in some hybrid fashion.

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60 mins
Hon. Judith K. Fitzgerald (ret.), Moderator Tucker Law; Pittsburgh Connor Bifferato The Bifferato Firm; Wilmington Judith Elkin Pachulski Stang Ziehl & Jones; New York Michael J. Riela Tannenbaum Helpern Syracuse & Hirschtritt LLP; New York Emily Wall Cavazos Hendricks Poirot, P.C.; Dallas
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