ABI-Live: Degrees of Freedom: Proposals for Student Loan Dischargeability

Sponsored by ABI's Consumer Bankruptcy Committee
It is commonly understood that student loans are nearly impossible to discharge in bankruptcy. The standard has become mythical — akin to a “certainty of hopelessness.” Are the Brunner and totality-of-the-circumstances tests realistic standards? If not, what should legislators consider as an alternative? Will successful litigation break the mythical standard, and what could that look like? The prevalence of these cases is increasing every day, as courts are asked more often to evaluate the appropriateness of, and apply, these impossible standards. Simultaneously, the total amount of U.S. student loan debt continues to accelerate toward $2 trillion. Join ABI’s Consumer Committee as two consumer bankruptcy experts, Ed Boltz and Ray Hendren, debate what can — and should — come next.

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75 mins
Karlene Archer Legal Aid Society of Mid-New York; Syracuse, NY Edward C. Boltz Law Offices of John T. Orcutt, P.C.; Durham, NC Ray Hendren Chapter 13 Trustee; Austin, TX