ABI: Anatomy of a Virtual Trial: A How-To Guide to Trials in the Age of COVID-19

With courthouses shutting their doors due to COVID-19, trials across the country have been put in an indefinite holding pattern. Certain state and federal courts, bar organizations and private groups have begun pilot-testing courtroom innovations, procedural reforms and presentation technologies to convert jury and bench trials into an online format. This session will address the bench's and bar’s current conversation on if, how and when to conduct trials online. Particular emphasis will be paid to testimonial, documentary and legal decision-making issues germane to bankruptcy trials.

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75 mins
Frank J. Bailey, Hon. U.S. Bankruptcy Court (D. Mass.) Geri Satin Fischman, Dr. Focus Litigation Consulting, LLC John E. Hoffman, Jr., Hon. U.S. Bankruptcy Court (S.D. Ohio) Michelle M. Pena, Dr. Focus Litigation Consulting, LLC
Media: Video
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