Business Reorganization

Hot Topics in Chapter 11

Lien-Perfection Issues; Ethical Considerations for Debtors’ Counsel; Authority to File; Creditor Standing to Prosecute Estate Claims; Cash Collateral/Adequate Protection


Practicing in the Limelight: Celebrity Bankruptcies

Representing public figures whose livelihood depends on their public image
presents particular challenges for bankruptcy professionals. This panel of
lawyers, each with their own experiences representing celebrities and other
prominent figures in their bankruptcy cases, will share their thoughts on the
process and the issues that are unique in these cases.


Not Everything Has to End This Way: Strategies for Keeping Your Retailer Out of Chapter 11

Presented by the Business Reorganization and Financial Advisors
& Investment Banking Committees


Chapter 22 or 33: An FA Post-Mortem

Every reorganized debtor’s chapter 11 confirmation order has a § 1129(a)(11)
finding that confirmation is not likely to be followed by the liquidation
or further need of financial reorganization of the reorganized debtor.
Nevertheless, it is common to see chapter 22s and chapter 33s in bankruptcy
courts. This panel of leading financial advisors and industry experts are on
the front lines of successful and not-so-successful restructurings. They will
also discuss the myriad reasons that chapter 22s and chapter 33s occur and
the lessons learned from those cases.


Rapid Fire: Strategies for a Quick Reorganization

Today’s bankruptcy cases are almost all done in record time. Join our
nationally recognized experts as they discuss a range of best strategies for
both debtors and creditors to expedite both in- and out-of-court business
reorganizations. This panel will discuss out-of-court remedies, prepacks and
other procedures to increase efficiency in reorganizing struggling businesses.


DIP Best Practices

Chapter 11 filings are up in 2016, and so is the use of DIP financing. This
panel of leading experts will discuss cutting-edge issues in DIP financing for
large and middle-market cases, including how to leverage the best results
whether you’re representing the DIP lender, subordinate secured creditors,
debtor or creditors’ committee.


Great Debates

Consumer Debate
Resolved: An out-of-statute proof of claim violates the FDCPA.
Business Debate
Resolved: Assets can be sold free and clear of liens in state court receiverships.
Judges Debate
Resolved: Third-party releases should not be allowed in chapter 11 plans.


WARN Act Employee Claims and Their Impact on Chapter 11 Cases

The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act can have a substantial impact on the administration and reorganization of a chapter 11 debtor. This panel of chapter 11 and WARN Act experts will discuss the impact that the WARN Act has in a chapter 11 bankruptcy case.


The § 1111(b) Election: What It Is and Why You Should Care

A seldom-used, and even lesser-understood, provision of the Bankruptcy Code, the 1111(b) election can provide substantial leverage to a secured creditor in a bankruptcy case. This session will detail what the election is and why — as either a creditors’ or debtors’ attorney — you should understand the ramifications it can have on your case.

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