Consumer Bankruptcy

Controlling the Crafty Chapter 13 Creditor

Law v. Siegel and the Ever-Changing Face of Exemptions

Case Law 2016: At Least Some Courts Have Spoken

Great Debates

Consumer Debate
Resolved: An out-of-statute proof of claim violates the FDCPA.
Business Debate
Resolved: Assets can be sold free and clear of liens in state court receiverships.
Judges Debate
Resolved: Third-party releases should not be allowed in chapter 11 plans.


A Comparison of Individual Chapter 11s to Chapter 13: There Is a Decided Difference

While they share many similarities, individual chapter 11 cases are markedly different from chapter 13 cases. This session will highlight the differences between these two types of cases and the potential pitfalls that exist for the uninformed practitioner.


Elder Law and Bankruptcy

As the elderly population continues to grow, the intersection between bankruptcy and elder law will continue to grow with it. This session will focus on issues unique to elder law and the various considerations every consumer practitioner should know when these two very unique areas of law intersect.


Silence Is Not Golden: Disclosure Issues in Consumer Cases

This ethics session will discuss the various disclosure obligations that exist in consumer cases.

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