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Representing Secured Creditors in Chapters 7 and 13

$25.00 SKU: 173287 Even beginning creditors’ attorneys know that the automatic stay prevents them from enforcing their clients’ rights to their collateral. But what can they do in chapter 7 and 13 cases, and when should they do it? This sessi ...

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ABI Talks: Ethics and Bankruptcy Ideas Worth Spreading

$25.00 SKU: 173083 Join us for another round of the infamous “ABI Talks,” with speakers focusing on topics only a bankruptcy guru could love, such as whether courts delegate too much authority to trustees, spoliation of evidence and ESI issue ...

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Consumer Bankruptcy Fundamentals

$100.00 SKU: 1244 Consumer Bankruptcy Fundamentals This two-part, 3.0-hour program fully covers the consumer bankruptcy process from counseling the consumer debtor, chapter choice, exemptions, claims, the automatic stay, means testing, dischargeability and debtor education. The faculty ...

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Business Bankruptcy Fundamentals

$100.00 SKU: 1242 Business Bankruptcy Fundamentals This two-part, 3.0-hour program fully covers the procedures and strategies of the typical chapter 11 case from pre-bankruptcy planning through plan confirmation and beyond; DIP financing, executory contracts and leases, sales, workouts, ...

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General Bankruptcy Fundamentals

$295.00 SKU: 1240 General Bankruptcy Fundamentals This 2.5 hour program presents a discussion of the who, what and why of a bankruptcy case. Part I (1 hour 30 minutes) explores concepts ... executory contracts and unexpired leases and the discharge are examined. Part II (1 hour) explores the range ...

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