Two Worlds Collide: Domestic Relations and Bankruptcy

Many individuals in bankruptcy are also involved in domestic-relations litigation. This panel will discuss the necessity for proper advice to potential clients about bankruptcy ramifications when filing for divorce and negotiating property settlements, and vice-versa. What obligations under a judgment of divorce or property settlement are nondischargeable? What claims under a judgment of divorce or property settlement can be exempted? What steps can be taken to enforce a judgment of divorce or property settlement after a bankruptcy petition is filed without violating the automatic stay? What are the exceptions to the automatic stay to allow domestic-support litigation to go forward? Which court has the jurisdiction to decide the applicability of the automatic stay?

Price: $25.00
SKU: 162710
75 mins
Tracy M. Clark, Moderator Steinberg Shapiro & Clark; Southfield, MI Roberta W. Andrews Firebaugh & Andrews PLLC; Westland, MI Patrick Anthony Foley Stevenson & Bullock, PLC; Southfield, MI

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