Stop This Tax Foreclosure

Payment of property taxes remains a recurring problem for many homeowners. Frequently, they do not understand what taxes are required to be paid, what interest rates are being charged, and what the consequences of nonpayment are. What is the process for property tax foreclosure? How long is the redemption period? Is there a point when a chapter 13 case can no longer be effective in dealing with property taxes? What if the taxing authority enters into repayment plans during or after the redemption period? What is the effect of these plans when an individual files for bankruptcy in the midst of a repayment program? What property interest, if any, does the debtor retain after foreclosure, or after redemption? How does a debtor address delinquent property taxes in his or her schedules?

Price: $25.00
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60 mins
Kevin Calhoun, Moderator Calhoun & Di Ponio PLC; Southfield, MI Nicholas D. Chambers Charles J. Schneider PC; Livonia, MI Diane L. Roark Oakland County Government; Pontiac, MI

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