Selling an Insider’s Claim and Buying Plan Confirmation

In the first decision addressing the point, the Ninth Circuit held that there’s a difference between an insider and a claim held by an insider. The ruling blessed an insider’s sale of a claim, relieving the claim of any taint and allowing the new holder to vote on confirmation. The panel looks at the developing issues on whether the buyer is a nonstatutory insider and whether the plan can be pursued in good faith after such a sale.

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75 mins
Louis M. Bubala, III, Moderator Kaempfer Crowell; Reno, Nev. Hon. Randall L. Dunn U.S. Bankruptcy Court (D. Ore.); Portland Holly E. Estes Walter Wilhelm Bauer; Fresno, Calif. Thomas H. Fell Fennemore Craig, P.C.; Las Vegas

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