The Potential for, and the Challenges of, Mediation in Cross-Border Insolvencies

Hosted by the International and Mediation Committees

This panel will discuss the evolution of mediation in cross-border insolvencies
and how it is utilized today. It will also provide insight into how cross-border
mediations differ from U.S.-centric mediations, when cross-border mediations
are most (and least) effective, and how mediators and professionals can best
prepare themselves and others for successful cross-border mediations.

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60 mins
William A. Brandt - Moderator Development Specialists, Inc.; New York Peter L. Borowitz Mangrove Mediation; Bonita Springs, Fla. Jacob A. Esher MWI - CBI; Beverly, Mass. Justice Glenn A. Hainey Superior Court of Justice - Toronto Region
Media: Video
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