No CLE - ABI Live: What You Need to Know About Foreclosure Now

In 2010, at the height of the last economic downturn, there were almost three million foreclosure filings nationwide. It therefore is not surprising that almost all insolvency professionals will confront foreclosure at some point, either representing a lender considering a foreclosure filing or whose claim is affected by one, or a borrower facing threats of foreclosure. This Webinar will provide experienced and novice practitioners alike with the tools needed to advise on these situations. Following a brief overview of foreclosure and how it works, the Webinar will address current trends in foreclosure actions, including UCC issues, impediments to lenders foreclosing (e.g., Bank Secrecy Act, repository issues) and alternatives to foreclosure, and a comparison between foreclosure and bankruptcy (including approaches to asset sales, treatment of prepayment penalties, bad boy guarantees and restrictions on filing for bankruptcy).

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75 mins
James C. Brand Fredrikson & Byron, PA, Minneapolis, MN Mark A. Gittelman, Esq. PNC Bank, NA, Philadelphia, PA David J. Gold Perkins Coie LLP, Chicago
Media: Video

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