Liquidating In and Out of Chapter 11

This session will discuss (1) selecting a trust, LLC, plan administrator or other vehicle;
(2) ensuring that affirmative claims are preserved post-confirmation; (c) establishing
a value/tax basis in litigation claims and other assets transferred to a trust or LLC;
(d) key plan provisions such as preserving 2004 discovery rights, creditor oversight,
continuing court oversight, required reporting and the retention/transfer of the
attorney/client privilege; (e) the trading of interests; (f) provisions for closing the case;
and (g) structured dismissals following asset sales as an alternative to a liquidating
plan (Jevic). Is it preferable to liquidate outside of chapter 11?

Price: $25.00
SKU: 172963
75 mins
Kathryn A. Coleman, Moderator Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP William A. (Bill) Brandt, Jr. Development Specialists, Inc. Dion W. Hayes McGuireWoods LLP

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