Keeping that Simple No-Asset Case a No-Asset Case: Recent Areas of Chapter 7 Trustee Activity

Debtors and their counsel want a smooth, quick chapter 7 experience and discharge: a simple no-asset case that will proceed promptly through a short, uneventful first meeting of creditors, to discharge and case closing in a matter of a few months. The chapter 7 trustee stands in the way, though, as he/she looks for discharges to deny and assets to pay creditors. Forewarned is forearmed: This seminar will explore recent skirmishes in the struggle between the impecunious and their trustees, including the important areas of homestead exemption and mortgage-lien avoidance, avoidance of large pre-filing family expense payments, and nondisclosure issues.

Price: $25.00
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60 mins
"Janet J. Goldman, Moderator Janet J. Goldman, Attorney at Law; Warwick, R.I. Joseph H. Baldiga Mirick O’Connell; Westborough, Mass. Hon. J. Michael Deasy (ret.) U.S. Bankruptcy Court (D. N.H.); Manchester Edmond J. Ford Ford & McPartlin, P.A.; Portsmouth, N.H."