The Individual Chapter 11 Study’s Findings, Conclusions and Possible Recommendations

In 2013, ABI launched a study of individual chapter 11 cases to determine why individual debtors choose chapter 11 and to evaluate the efficacy of individual chapter 11 cases. The study team has gathered data to identify systemic problems that increase the cost and decrease the utility of chapter 11 cases to individuals. The panel, which includes the study’s reporter, investigators and cochairs, will provide an overview of the study’s findings and recommendations.

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75 mins
C.R. “Chip” Bowles, Moderator Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP; Louisville, Ky. Prof. Margaret Howard Washington & Lee Law School; Lexington, Va. Prof. Richard M. Hynes University of Virginia; Charlottesville, Va. Prof. Anne Lawton Michigan State University College of Law; East Lansing; MIch. David P. Leibowitz Lakelaw; Chicago
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