Great Debates

Great Debates

Resolved: Passively holding an asset of the estate in the face of a demand for turn-over violates the stay. (I swear, Your Honor, I didn’t do anything!)

Resolved: Gift plans violate the Bankruptcy Code and are outlawed by Jevic. (Is it really a birthday without the gifts?)

Resolved: A trustee should be permitted to avoid transfers occurring many years prior to the petition date by stepping into the shoes of “special” creditors such as the IRS or the FDIC pursuant to § 544(b). (I’m Baaaack!!!)

Price: $25.00
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60 mins
Timothy J. Hurley, Moderator Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP; Cincinnati Casey M. Cantrell Swartz Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP; Cincinnati Robert A. Goering Goering & Goering, LLC; Cincinnati William J. Rochelle, III American Bankruptcy Institute; New York Hon. Robert E. Gerber (ret.) Joseph Hage Aaronson LLC; New York Robert G. Sanker Keating Muething & Klekamp PLL; Cincinnati Henry E. Menninger, Jr. Wood & Lamping LLP; Cincinnati

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