Detecting Lies: Strategies for Exposing a Deceitful Witness

Poker players look for tells. Polygraphs measure physiological indicators. Movies suggest that there is some magic to looking somebody in the eye. In court, though, judges and lawyers are left to their own devices to determine whether a witness is lying. A clinical psychologist and a former attorney general of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will join experienced trial lawyers and judges to discuss lying and the limits of detecting lying, including verbal and nonverbal cues that aid in assessing the credibility of statements.

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90 mins
Guy B. Moss, Moderator Riemer & Braunstein LLP; Newton, Mass. Hon. Joan N. Feeney U.S. Bankruptcy Court (D. Mass.); Boston Scott Harshbarger Casner & Edwards, LLP; Boston Gregory W. Nye Bracewell LLP; Hartford, Conn. Prof. Matthew Zaitchik Roger Williams University; Providence, R.I.

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