Current Hot Topics in Chapter 7

This session will deal with a mixture of the most topical and unsettled issues in chapter 7 cases coming before the courts. What does a debtor do if the court denies a reaffirmation agreement but the debtor needs the car? If no reaffirmation agreement is signed, can a case be later reopened to permit a reaffirmation agreement at a creditor’s request? What are debtors’ attorneys’ responsibilities in counseling debtors about potential preferences and fraudulent transfers that they made to family members and friends? What remedies does a chapter 7 trustee have when a debtor breaches his or her duties under § 521? Are student loans consumer or nonconsumer debts for purposes of means testing?

Price: $25.00
SKU: 162714
75 mins
Michael A. Stevenson, Moderator Stevenson & Bullock, PLC; Southfield, MI Kelly M. Hagan Hagan Law Offices PLC; Traverse City, MI Erika D. Hart The Taunt Law Firm; Birmingham, MI

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