Current Hot Topics in Chapter 13

This session will deal with a mixture of the most topical and unsettled issues in chapter 13 cases coming before the courts. What happens to the case if a debtor becomes deceased or incapacitated? Can a debtor force a creditor to accept a surrender of property? The panel will also cover explaining to a debtor what tax obligations will remain post-discharge, dealing with model plan provisions, modifications and conflicting plan provisions, and understanding the new chapter 13 forms for creditors.

Price: $25.00
SKU: 162711
75 mins
Lisa K. Mullen, Moderator Office of the Chapter 13 Standing Trustee; Southfield, MI Dario Ianni The Carey Law Group, PC; Dearborn, MI Tamara A. White Holzman Corkery, PLLC; Southfield, MI

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