Consumer Track: Money-Back Guarantee?

This panel explore what rights/causes of actions a debtor may reserve in plan confirmation and the binding effect of confirmation, and whether, in light of Harris v. Viegelahn, a means may still exist to avoid refunding undistributed funds to a debtor following the conversion of a chapter 13 to a chapter 7 case, as well as what should happen to undistributed funds upon case dismissal. The session will conclude with a discussion on the limitations on the equitable powers of bankruptcy courts following Law v. Siegel.

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75 mins
"Chrisandrea L. Turner, Moderator Stites & Harbison, PLLC; Lexington, Ky. Hon. Jennifer H. Henderson U.S. Bankruptcy Court (N.D. Ala.); Tuscaloosa Charles N. Kelley Cummings & Kelley P.C.; Gainesville, Ga. Ryan J. Williams Staff Attorney for Nancy J. Whaley, Chapter 13 Trustee; Atlanta"
Media: Audio