Consumer Track - Chapter 7 Panel

This panel will provide practical advice to attendees from the viewpoint of a chapter 7 trustee, an accountant and an attorney regarding completeness of schedules, how to properly prepare a debtor to face a chapter 7 trustee interrogation, and discussions on several administrative matters such as late-filed claims, asset-liquidation accounting and § 341 hearing continuances. The panel will also cover recent chapter 7 case law developments.

Price: $25.00
SKU: 162137
60 mins
Javier Vilariño, Moderator Vilariño & Associates LLC; San Juan Christian Alcalá Friedman & Feiger, San Juan Wigberto Lugo-Mener, Jr. Chapter 7 Panel Trustee, Guaynabo, P.R. Noreen Wiscovitch-Rentas Chapter 7 Panel Trustee; San Juan

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