Consumer Prosecuting and Defending Dischargeability Actions in Consumer Cases

Bringing together the perspectives of debtors, creditors and judges, this panel will survey the universe of nondischargeability causes of action, the realistic costs of pursuing and defending these actions, effective discovery and trial strategies, the impact of issue and claim preclusion based on pre-petition judgments, the anatomy of nondischargeability settlement agreements, the challenges of collection, and the prospects for recovery of attorneys’ fees.

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60 mins
Hon. Martin R. Barash U.S. Bankruptcy Court (C.D. Calif.); Woodland Hills Hon. Daniel P. Collins U.S. Bankruptcy Court (D. Ariz); Phoenix Ariane Holtschlag The Law Office of William J. Factor, Ltd.; Chicago Alison Verges Walters Kelley Kronenberg; Tampa, Fla.
Media: Video

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