From Conception Through Birth and Now an Adolescent: Views from Those Who Saw It All

Our panel was there at the beginning with the National Bankruptcy Review Commission (Brady Williamson Chair) through the drafting of the law, its passage and, of course, the implementation of the final product in 2005. The panel will discuss the history of the process, what might have been intended by the proponents, and what unintended consequences were created in the process. We expect a lively discussion of this seminal law and the implications for future reform.

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60 mins
Lawrence A. Friedman Friedman Partners; Grayling, Mich. James J. Haller The Bankruptcy Center; Belleville, Ill. Richardo I. Kilpatrick Kilpatrick & Associates, PC; Auburn Hills, Mich. Brady C. Williamson Godfrey & Kahn, S.C.; Madison, Wis.