Chapter 22 or 33: An FA Post-Mortem

Every reorganized debtor’s chapter 11 confirmation order has a § 1129(a)(11)
finding that confirmation is not likely to be followed by the liquidation
or further need of financial reorganization of the reorganized debtor.
Nevertheless, it is common to see chapter 22s and chapter 33s in bankruptcy
courts. This panel of leading financial advisors and industry experts are on
the front lines of successful and not-so-successful restructurings. They will
also discuss the myriad reasons that chapter 22s and chapter 33s occur and
the lessons learned from those cases.

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75 mins
Timothy G. Skillman, Moderator Deloitte CRG; Los Angeles Stanley Mastil Gavin/Solmonese LLC; Wilmington, Del. Gregory F. Rayburn Former CEO, Hostess Brands; Charleston, S.C. Steven L. Victor Development Specialists, Inc.; Chicago