Chapter 13 — Post-Confirmation Issues

BAPCPA established several hurdles that debtors have to overcome in order to obtain a discharge of a confirmed plan. Confirmation of the plan in many respects is only the beginning of the process. This panel, which includes two chapter 13 trustees and an experienced creditors’ counsel and is moderated by an experienced debtors’ counsel, will explore the issues that arise after confirmation, including the completion of required tasks for a debtor to obtain a discharge. Issues to be discussed include plan modification, requirements imposed upon lenders, and duties imposed upon debtors to obtain discharge.

Price: $25.00
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60 mins
Michael L. Baker, Moderator Ziegler & Schneider PSC; Covington, Ky. Beverly M. Burden Office of the Chapter 13 Trustee; Lexington, Ky. Thomas L. Canary, Jr. Fenton & McGarvey Law Firm, P.S.C.; Louisville, Ky. Frank M. Pees Chapter 13 Trustee; Detroit