Back to Basics Series - What Every Restructuring Professional Should Know about Hedge Funds

In 2012, an ABI commission examined the role of hedge funds in chapter 11 cases, including the impact of such funds on the bankruptcy process. Among other things, the study found that hedge funds were prevalent in chapter 11 cases and played an “activist role” in shaping bankruptcy outcomes. Despite this finding, many lawyers and business professionals who enter the restructuring world lack familiarity with hedge funds, how they function and how they can apply in a bankruptcy context. This webinar will serve as an introductory primer on hedge funds in bankruptcy and will:

*Provide a non-technical overview of hedge funds and hedge fund concepts for beginners;
*Explain how hedge funds can come into play in a bankruptcy case;
*Explain how hedge funds can positively or negatively impact the bankruptcy process; and
*Provide tips for professionals on dealing with hedge fund issues in bankruptcy cases.

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75 mins

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