Avoiding Malpractice and Other Common Pitfalls in Consumer Cases

Panel will highlight practice risks that include debtor and creditor viewpoints. The topics will include: tracking and anticipating obvious and unknown deadlines, appreciating inherent conflicts that may pose ethical problems as well as critical path obstacles to hidden conflicts of interest, springing conflicts of interest, undisclosed client expectations creating dissatisfaction with the process and outcome, and underestimating expense and delay leading to crisis of payment and inability to effectuate strategy.

Price: $25.00
SKU: 173307
75 mins
Ford Elsaesser, Moderator Elsaesser Jarzabek Anderson, Sandpoint, Idaho James F. Kahn Kahn & Ahart, PLLC; Phoenix Stephen Berken Stephen Berken Law; Denver Hon. Deborah Saltzman U.S. Bankruptcy Court (C.D. Calif.); Los Angeles

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