All in the Family, or Who Is Your Client?

Knowing who your client is and what duties you have is a problem in cases ranging from the mega Caesars bankruptcy case to actions involving a distressed small family business that is jointly owned by several relatives. This presentation will address several attorney/client ethical issues, both in and out of bankruptcy, when jointly representing clients, including practical considerations when representing a group of closely related businesses, attorney/client privileges between multiple clients, and state and federal law ethical issues related to “who is your client.”

Price: $25.00
SKU: 162564
60 mins
C.R. “Chip” Bowles, Moderator Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP; Louisville, Ky. William B. Logan, Jr. Luper Neidenthal & Logan; Columbus, Ohio Toby D. Merchant Squire Patton Boggs; Cincinnati Hon. Alan C. Stout U.S. Bankruptcy Court (W.D. Ky.); Louisville Hon. Eugene R. Wedoff (ret.) U.S. Bankruptcy Court (N.D. Ill.); Chicago

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