ABI-Live: The Complex Requirements and Ethical Duties of Representing Consumer Debtors

ABI’s panel of experts will discuss the ethical and compensation issues that can arise while representing chapter 7 and 13 debtors as well as individual chapter 11 debtors. Topics covered include client fraud and an attorney’s duty to verify client information, attorney fee structures, and complex issues in individual chapter 11 cases. The panel includes perspectives from the attorneys and trustees, as well as the academic reporter for the ABI Ethics Task Force.

Price: $75.00
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90 mins
Prof. Lois R. Lupica, Moderator University of Maine School of Law; Portland, Maine C.R. “Chip” Bowles Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP; Louisville James H. Cossitt James H Cossitt, PC; Kalispell, Mont. Peter C. Fessenden Standing Chapter 13 Trustee - District of Maine; Brunswick
Media: Video
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