ABI-Live: Class Actions in Business and Consumer Cases

Class action lawsuits in both chapter 11 and 13 cases are becoming more prevalent. Are you wondering whether your clients’ WARN Act claims would be better pursued against a debtor company in a class action adversary proceeding or in a class proof of claim, or both? If your client has been sued in a debtor’s consumer class action adversary proceeding, do you know what the best defenses are against class certification? ABI's panel of experts will explore the potential benefits and pitfalls of class actions by creditors against debtor companies in chapter 11 cases and by debtors/trustees against creditors in chapter 13 cases by highlighting recent appellate and bankruptcy court decisions.

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60 mins
Rudy J. Cerone, Moderator McGlinchey Stafford, PLLC; New Orleans Michael H. Goldstein Stutman, Treister & Glatt PC; New York Johnie J. Patterson Walker & Patterson, PC; Houston Hon. Robert E. Grossman U.S. Bankruptcy Court (E.D.N.Y.); Central Islip
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