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Supreme Court Round-Up

$25.00 SKU: 173016 Oyez, oyez, oyez, all attendees are admonished to draw near and give their undivided attention to this panel as it delivers the most recent and updated analyses on this term’s U.S. Supreme Court decisions. Price: ...

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Unshackled: Musings of Retired Bankruptcy Judges

$25.00 SKU: 173014 In retirement, the shackles of judgeships are removed. This panel of retired bankruptcy judges can and will speak freely of their experiences both on and off the bench during their respective tenures, along with their uniqu ...

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Fraudulent Transfers, Pre-Bankruptcy Planning Workshop

$25.00 SKU: 172986 Avoiding being sued along with or in lieu of your client and avoiding ethical violations and malpractice. Price: $25.00 75 mins ...

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Ethics Panel

$25.00 SKU: 172971 What are bankruptcy crimes, what are the duties of the various parties in a case to investigate and report them, and what are the protections for those who do? The panelists will discuss actual-intent fraudulent transfe ...

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Business Bankruptcy Legal Update

$25.00 SKU: 172927 Join this leading panel of experts as they discuss the most recent important chapter 11 decisions, including those involving limited liability companies, the § 546(e) safe harbor, make-whole premiums and successor liability ...

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Ethical Issues Regarding the Use of the Media in High-Profile Cases

$25.00 SKU: 172917 Hosted by the Ethics & Professional Compensation and Technology & Intellectual Property Committees Navigating the use and impact of the media in any bankruptcy case can pose challenging ethical dilemmas that a ...

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Ethics: Who’s Your Daddy? Acing Your Fiduciary Duties

$25.00 SKU: 172900 It isn’t enough to just be ethical; professionals employed at the bankruptcy estate’s expense have additional responsibilities as well. This panel will explore these additional responsibilities and duties, what they are, an ...

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Discharge Issues and Elements of Proof Under § 523/Consumer Mock Trial of a § 523 Discharge Case

$25.00 SKU: 172833 Price: $25.00 75 mins Chad S. Caby, Moderator Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie LLP; Denver D ...

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Ethical Issues that Arise When Supervising Attorneys Work with Junior Attorneys and Nonattorney Professionals

$25.00 SKU: 172785 Price: $25.00 60 mins Jennifer B. Kimble, Moderator Prime Clerk; New York Michelle K. Ostry ...

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Thorny Ethical Issues for Consumer Attorneys

$25.00 SKU: 162325 This panel will address many of the thorniest ethical issues for consumer lawyers, including avoiding conflictof- interest issues as counsel in a failing case, counseling a client who will not take your advice, and counseli ...

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Committee Educational Session: Ethics/Professional Compensation/Unsecured Trade Creditors

$25.00 SKU: 162317 Beware of the Traps: Ethical and Fiduciary Issues for Committee Members and Professionals Price: $25.00 60 mins ...

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